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Beauty and skincare products like shampoo, moisturizer, and face wash are essential on every packing list, whether you're heading to a hotel or are staying with friends or family. Since buying miniature versions of your favorite products can be expensive—and typically means purchasing a whole lot of single-use plastics—having practical and reliable toiletry travel bottles you can pull out for every trip is a must. Rose Gold Lotion Pump

13 Best Travel Toiletry Bottles: Editor Tested, Leakproof, & Reusable | Condé Nast Traveler

To make sure the reusable bottles we're throwing in our Dopp kit are easy to use and don't leak, we tested out a variety of affordable travel sets to see which ones actually get the job done. Below, you'll find 13 of the best travel toiletry bottles that will protect the contents of your luggage—and all of the creams, soaps, and serums you've shelled out for—and keep you organized on the go. Even better, all of these picks are TSA-friendly in size, so you don't have to worry about any of your favorite products being thrown out at the airport. As an added bonus, many of these travel bottles are available on Amazon Prime, so you can get your hands on them quickly before a last-minute getaway.

I scoured the internet to find the most popular travel toiletry bottles—searching a variety of retailers, reading hundreds of reviews, and considering online ratings. After my initial research, I put many reusable toiletry bottles to the test, trying out dozens of options that range in price, size, and design. I've had some of these toiletry bottles for over a year and they've accompanied me on a mix of weeklong vacations in checked luggage and short weekend trips in tightly-packed duffel bags.

Over the last several months, I tested another batch of options: I've filled them with a variety of skincare, hair care, and body products—thick body wash, contact solution, and leave-in conditioner included. I've even left these filled containers upside down overnight to see if there were any unexpected leaks. My findings: There are many great options on the market to choose from and you don't need to break the bank to find the perfect set for you. Below, the best travel toiletry bottles to pack wherever you're headed next.

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No matter how organized I try to stay, my bathroom counter at every hotel always becomes cluttered with my many toiletries and hair products. The LiquiSnugs look like your classic silicone travel bottles, but they feature a clever suction cup on the back that allows you to stick them onto any shower wall—freeing up limited counter space. These are great for in-shower products like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. This set of four bottles features two 3-ounce bottles and two 2-ounce bottles, so you can choose how much product you need depending on the length of your trip. Another smart design feature: Twist the top to adjust the label name so you won't forget what's inside. I've had these for about a year now and I consistently reach for these to pack shampoo and conditioner.

Pros: The unique suction cup design makes them great for shower products.

Cons: These occasionally will fall off shower walls if there's not a little bit of water to keep them in place.

This Amazon bestseller is versatile enough for every type of traveler. The 18-pack from Tocelffe features four silicone bottles of varying size (two 3-ounce bottles and two 2-ounce bottles), four small jars for creams and serums, two spray bottles, two spatulas, a funnel, labels, and a cleaning brush. These all come in a waterproof toiletry bag that you can reuse to carry makeup or tech essentials. In this set, I find myself mostly reaching for the ultra-soft silicone bottles, which are great for products like body wash, face cleanser, and micellar water. Each of these bottles feature three-layer leak-proof tops so you don't have to worry about spills in your bag. Something I love about these bottles is how they can be bent and squeezed easily to get every last bit of product out of them.

Pros: Very affordable, comes in a clear toiletry case, and the bottles' wide opening makes it easy to refill. Cons: The small plastic jars are not as reliable as the silicone bottles in this set.

If you're just looking for a few affordable no-frills travel bottles, these are for you. Available in a variety of colors, the silicone bottles do just what they say they will. They're leakproof, come in a set of four, and are easy to refill and clean. While there’s no bells and whistles, these three-ounce bottles pleasantly surprised me with just how much product they fit compared to some of the other classic silicone bottles we tested, making them an ideal option for a longer vacation. Plus, these have an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon with over 11,000 global reviews.

Pros: Versatility; available in many colorways

Cons: This set doesn't come with labels or a proper toiletry case.

Another solid choice for travelers is this set of four 3-ounce silicone travel bottles. These are squeezable, leakproof, and versatile enough to use for everything from shower products and soaps to sauces and baby food. These reusable bottles are all the same size and each a different color so you can differentiate them. Bonus: This set comes in a transparent toiletry case to keep them all organized in.

Pros: This set is available in a dozen colorways; wide opening makes them easy to refill without needing a funnel. Cons: This set doesn't come with labels.

If you prefer to bring along a bar of soap instead of using what's provided at the hotel, this compact soap box is a great travel companion. Inside, there's a soap mat that absorbs any excess water and prevents the soap from becoming mushy. I've used other plastic soap cases before without a mat and it always leaves a mess. This one features a silicone band that wraps tightly around the box for extra protection, and is about the size of a deck of cards.

Pros: Fits most commonly used soap brands, affordable, and features a simple-to-use design.

Cons: The soap box needs the band to stay secure so be careful not to lose it.

I've been a fan of Cadence's capsules for a few years now. These leakproof, airtight, and watertight magnetic capsules are unlike any other travel bottles I've used and are a true game changer when it comes to packing your own beauty products. The individual capsules magnetically snap together to take up as little space as possible in your Dopp kit and are designed without any right angles or edges, so you get every last bit of product available.

The original .56-ounce individual capsules are great for weekend trips and storing small items like daily vitamins and safety pins. The Capsule Flex System allows you to customize your own bundle with your choice of small, medium, and large sizes, as well as The Extender—an add-on that allows you to increase the size of the bottle when you need more room. This makes it so easy to customize your travel routine, whether you want to pack extra product for longer trips or bring enough body wash for you and your travel buddy. With The Flex System, you can still choose your own label for each capsule (the labels are interchangeable), as well as the color and number of capsules in your bundle.

Pros: It's easy to get every last drop of product inside each capsule and they are so easy to rinse out and reuse. The custom labels can be swapped out depending on what you're packing.

Cons: These are the most expensive option on our list.

I was eager to test out the Ries travel bottles after hearing a lot of buzz about the product and seeing them make their way into retailers like Sephora and Goop. These are a more elevated, aesthetically pleasing take on the classic reusable travel bottles you may have used in the past. Ries prioritized sustainability and design with these essentials: Each bottle is made from recycled plastic and features a large opening at the top, which makes it easy to refill and clean (not to mention, they're dishwasher safe). Travelers can purchases these bottles individually (a 3.4-ounce bottle or a 1.7-ounce bottle) or in a set with both sizes. My favorite thing about these bottles is the airless pump—I feel so glamorous while doing my nighttime skincare routine with these, and it makes it easier to use products like face wash or cleanser on the road. The bottles are pre-labeled (shampoo, conditioner, body, face) and you can twist the top to the side to conceal the opening, so product won't spill out.

Pros: Sustainably made; if you prefer a pump, these are for you.

Cons: On the pricier side; the bottles are a bit bulky and take up a little more room in my makeup bag than most travel-size products I use.

Finally, a solution to my contact lens woes. I can't count the number of times I've stopped into a drugstore to buy a mini bottle of contact lens solution before heading out on a trip, or to pick up rewetting drops because I'm dealing with dry contacts while away from home. This compact case makes cleaning and caring for contacts on the go much easier—it comes with an easy-to-fill reusable dropper that gives me a long weekend's worth of solution, a contact case, and has a mirror to help get them in and out. (I don't like to fly in contacts, so this is particularly handy if I forget to switch to my glasses before leaving home.) It weighs next to nothing, and will fit in all but my smallest handbags, so I've been keeping it on me regularly, not just when traveling. —Madison Flager, senior commerce editor

Pros: It comes with a tiny pair of tweezers to make removing contacts from the case less messy. Cons: The contact solution holder isn't large enough for weeklong trips.

I admit I've also been guilty of buying mini versions of my favorite contact solution. As much as I love reusable toiletry bottles for my skincare and hair products, I've never had anything that felt right for the consistency of my contact solution. I wear daily lenses, meaning I don't need a whole lot of solution with me when I travel, so it is a little frustrating to carry around a bottle that takes up precious space in my Dopp kit. Lately, I've been carrying about the Cauyuan eye glass case which comes with a super small dropper for contact solution. This refillable dropper holds just enough contact solution for weekend trips and shorter vacations and takes up such little space (I've even found myself tossing it in my handbag in case my eyes get a little dry.) This durable case keeps all of my eye care essentials together and protected, with a separate compartment for eye glasses, and another that holds the dropper, tweezers, a contact case, and a mirror.

Pros: All of my eyewear essentials are now in once place and stay organized; the dropper is small enough to fit in a tiny purse. Cons: The compartment for your eye glasses is on the small size—if you have thick or bulky frames, they might not fit.

I've never found a reusable spray bottle for my perfume that I've liked, so I've always relied on buying miniature versions of each of my favorite fragrances. But let's be real—those travel-size perfume bottles are expensive! They're often made of glass, too, making them vulnerable to breaking in your luggage. Enter the Vonovo mini refillable perfume bottles: Each of these holds 0.2 ounces of your favorite scent, more than enough for a long vacation. This set comes with five spray bottles, so you can bring along any of your favorites—or all of them. And they are so easy to use—simply pull off the top of your full-size perfume, press the bottom of the mini bottle on top of it, and keep clicking until its refilled. Each of the bottles have a clear vial inside so you can see how much product you have left. My favorite part: These are so tiny—think the size of a lipstick— meaning I can even bring them with me on a date night when I'm only carrying a small purse.

Pros: Easy to refill and compact enough to fit in even the tiniest of travel bags Cons: These spray bottles wont match the look of your full-size perfume and don't have labels, so you'll have to remember based on the color of the mini bottle you choose. Also, these can be refilled with the same perfume, but I wouldn't recommend reusing them with another scent.

For those with a more rigid skincare or haircare routine, this 16-pack lets you bring along every last product you want—and it all fits into one reusable case. The set comes with four silicone bottles, four jars, two spray bottles, two scoopers, a funnel, and a cleaning brush. The variety means you can pack everything from soap and shampoo to serums and sprays in here, and the cleaning brush makes the bottles easy to clean and re-use. I like this set best for packing my more expensive skincare serums and creams in the small jars that have a scooper to use.

Pros: A variety of types of containers

Cons: The toiletry case the bottles come in isn't the best quality.

The Kitsch Ultimate travel set includes leakproof holders that are compact and lightweight enough to pack in a purse or tote bag. In addition to three flat pouches, this set also comes with two pump bottles, two mini jars, one mini funnel, one mini spatula, and one mini pipette. This set is best for a longer trip—say, a European vacation or a cross-country road trip—as you can store a lot more shampoo, conditioner, and lotions in the pouches without going over any TSA limits (plus, they'll get lighter as you use them).

Pros: The flat pouches are easy to pack and take up less room in a Dopp kit than bulkier bottles.

Cons: The pouches are a little bit harder to refill than bottles with a wide opening.

If you're packing toiletries for your entire family, this 21-pack of travel bottles has you covered. This package comes with four silicone bottles, four cream jars, four toothbrush covers, two spray bottles, two pump bottles, two trowels, a funnel, and labels to keep everything straight. Whether it's a trip to Disney World or multi-generational cruise, this set makes packing for the whole family easy.

Pros: These come with toothbrush covers–a nice travel accessory that none of the other options on our list offers.

Cons: Not ideal for weekend trips or light packers.

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