Schneider Packaging Equipment Enters High-Speed Palletizing Market | Packaging Strategies

The Hartness High-Speed Layer Palletizing Tool accommodates up to 100 cases per minute. (Courtesy of Schneider Packaging Equipment)

Schneider Packaging Equipment Company Inc., a Pacteon Company, is entering the robotic high-speed palletizing market through a strategic licensing agreement with the ITW Hartness Division.  Manipulator Blocks

Schneider Packaging Equipment Enters High-Speed Palletizing Market | Packaging Strategies

After the Hartness Division’s strategic decision to reposition its product portfolio, Schneider began key conversations around setting up a licensing agreement for the Hartness Division’s high-speed robotic palletizing offerings to ensure the ability for Schneider to offer on future projects. Also included in the agreement is the ability for Schneider to support already-commissioned systems by Hartness. 

Specifically included in the agreement is The Hartness High-Speed Layer Palletizing Tool. In anticipation of this, Schneider spent the last few months completing training at Hartness and is now able to offer the solution to the market. 

Schneider – an industry leader in end-of-line automation, a FANUC-Certified Servicing Integrator, and a PMMI-Certified Trainer – has been providing robotic palletizing solutions for over three decades. With the addition of the High-Speed Layer Palletizing Tool, they are now able to offer their world-class solutions to an even larger portion of the palletizing market. 

Mike Odom, CEO of Pacteon Group, said, “When the opportunity arose for us to create this formal agreement to leverage Hartness IP in the high-speed palletizing segment, we reacted quickly to support the market with these additional high-quality tools. With the Hartness tools added to the ESS and Schneider Palletizing Solutions, we can support all conceivable palletizing applications.”

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Schneider Packaging Equipment Enters High-Speed Palletizing Market | Packaging Strategies

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