New forging process reduces burr percentage from 54 to 7%

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New forging process reduces burr percentage from 54 to 7%

Germany – A new forging process developed by the Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover (IPH) brings considerable savings in material and energy. In the EU project Reforch, researchers were able to lower burr percentage in crankshafts forging from 54 to 7%.

The new forging process not only reduces burr percentage, it also brings energy savings of up to 20% in an industrial environment. The process has already been successfully tested, so it is only a small step to commercial application.

Funded by the European Union and in close collaboration with companies from Spain, Romania and Turkey, the IPH invested two years of research into the project. The result: Researchers were able to significantly reduce the burr percentage in the forging of a two-cylinder crankshaft.

In the conventional forging process, 10.8 kg of steel are required to forge a 7 kg crankshaft, which equals a burr percentage of 54%. The new multi-directional forging procedure lowers the burr percentage to only 7%, which means that the same crankshaft can be produced with just 7.5 kg of steel. The new process also consumes about 20% less energy because less steel must be heated.

These savings are achieved through so-called multi-directional forging. In conventional forging processes, metal is formed only through pressure from above and surplus material leaks to the sides, causing the so-called burr, which must be removed afterwards. In multi-directional forging, the heated steel is formed not only by pressure from above, but also by simultaneous pressure from the sides. Thus, it can be pressed in form in a more controlled manner and there is less waste.

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New forging process reduces burr percentage from 54 to 7%

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