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Biotech Fluidics has unveiled a new series of advanced multilayer stainless-steel filters designed for larger bore applications in elevated temperature and corrosive processing environments. Benefiting from proprietary 'Closed Edge Technology,' these ground-breaking PORO–FRIT™ filters ensure a consistent and even flow profile, extending to the edges of the filter. air oil separator for screw compressor

Available in a diverse range of diameters spanning 20-200 mm and featuring porosity levels ranging from 2 to 20 microns, these self-standing and inherently stable multilayer sintered wire mesh filters deliver unparalleled performance. They not only contribute to longer on-stream life and years of trouble-free service, reducing costs, but also offer easy cleaning, thus minimising disposal expenses.

Produced from 316L stainless-steel, these high-performance filters are well-suited for process applications reaching up to 600°C. The filters are passivated and come with comprehensive batch and traceability documentation.

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