Travelers Love These Patagonia Overalls for Fall

This one-and-done outfit can go anywhere, from the farmer’s market to the bar.

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Travelers Love These Patagonia Overalls for Fall

It’s a classic problem — you want to look cute and put-together, but coordinating an entire outfit can be a hassle. It gets even tougher when you need a fit that’s comfortable and durable for outdoor activities. That’s why, every fall, my beloved overalls hardly get a moment to rest. Call me an outfit repeater all you want, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of tossing a pair of overalls on over a cute top, and the look is perfect for crisp fall days.

Some weeks, I feel like my Patagonia All Seasons Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls spend more time on my body than they do in the drawer, but once you try them, you’ll see why. Sturdy workwear-inspired styles are not only practical for outdoor adventures but also timelessly trendy, so you never have to worry about this wardrobe staple going out of style. Patagonia’s high-quality craftsmanship shines in these stylish yet tough overalls — they’re built to last, but they’re also built to strut. 

Patagonia crafts its workwear with industrial hemp, resulting in a fit that balances breathability with comfort and durability. To me, these overalls’ soft hemp and organic cotton blend feels almost like thick linen — I usually break my overalls out in the fall, but the material breathes so well that I’ll keep wearing them into the spring and early summer. Though the fabric is lightweight, it’s still amazingly strong, and double-walled knees add an extra layer of protection for outdoor wear. 

It’s impossible to talk about this pair of overalls without mentioning the pockets. I prefer to avoid carrying a bag if I can, but thankfully, Patagonia added a pocket for everything. Besides the standard front and back pockets, there are two on the right leg, as well as a large snap-closure bib pocket with a pencil holder. This isn’t a quantity over quality, situation, either. Last week, I wore my overalls to the bookstore, and out of curiosity, I stuck my new novel in one of the reinforced back pockets — it fit like a glove!

Eco-conscious consumers will also appreciate Patagonia’s environmentally friendly touches on these overalls. The brand is committed to using sustainable, fair-trade materials, and hemp has a low environmental footprint. Plus, these overalls use over 25 percent recycled materials, and Patagonia will even repair damaged products for reuse, keeping them out of the landfill. 

I’m not the only one who’s been turned into an outfit repeater by these overalls — they have dozens of five-star reviews from shoppers who are similarly enamored. One reviewer wrote, “These overalls exceeded all expectations! They're sturdy, comfortable, warm, and durable.” They added, “I find myself pulling them out every weekend regardless of what we have planned,” and I absolutely relate. Another customer chimed in, writing “I bought these for my son who wears them almost seven days a week, and [I’m] sure he would sleep in them too.” 

Other shoppers praised these overalls for their versatility in the wardrobe. One happy buyer wrote, “I own a small boutique motel near a national park, so I need to look nice, but I also have to cover many tasks.” These overalls were stylish enough for this shopper’s work, but are equally perfect for “camping and hiking” or “chores like cutting firewood.” They added, “I can even dress them up with a cute Western overshirt and some heeled boots for dancing at the local saloon.”

With so many ways to wear the Patagonia All Seasons Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls, they’re sure to become an instant wardrobe staple for anyone, just like they did for me. Space is a hot commodity in any traveler’s suitcase, so a do-it-all piece like these all-seasons overalls is a no-brainer. Even when you’re staying at home, it’s a rare treasure to find something that can effortlessly transition from the garden to the farmer’s market, then later to the bar. 

To add even more options to your overalls arsenal for fall travel and beyond, keep scrolling to check out more styles from Amazon.

Travelers Love These Patagonia Overalls for Fall

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