‘Big Techs Tours’ to give behind-the-scenes look at Longview manufacturers

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - If you ever wondered what exactly is going on in those giant buildings in Longview, the city has partnered with several industries who are opening their doors for tours on Saturday to find out. Komatsu opened it’s doors a day early to give us a preview.

It’s big and seems to just keep getting bigger, but considering they build the largest wheeled front end loaders in the world they need the space, according to Komatsu Longview General Manager Jesse Dubberly. price of concrete mixers

“So, these two loaders over my shoulder are getting near completion. So, what you see behind me, you see the world’s largest wheel loader, the WE2350-2. And then just in front of it you’ll see the second largest wheel loader in the world, the WE1850-3,” Dubberly said.

That is, perhaps, giving away the big ending to the tour, but there’s a lot more to learn about Komatsu, like how things are put together and that the loaders are electric.

“So why everybody is excited about electric drive technology with the Teslas of the world and the Rivians of the world. We’ve been doing off highway electrification for the better part of seventy years here in the piney woods of East Texas. So, we know a little bit about it,” Dubberly said.

And someone who knows a little bit about Big Techs is Longview Community Relations Director Shawn Hara.

“This used to be something that we only did in Longview but this year we’re expanding it and we’re doing it also in conjunction with Kilgore. So, this event is put together by Visit Longview in conjunction with the Longview Economic Development Corporation as well as Kilgore Economic Corporation,” Hara said.

He says there are now 12 industries that are allowing the public to look inside, including Komatsu. That tour has quite a bit of walking even though only one building will be featured. So, you won’t see a couple of things I’m showing you here. But then again you are seeing them now.

“The more we can educate the local community, the better off we’ll be and get people excited about what we do and the technology that we offer,” Dubberly said.

Like electric mining equipment built to stay deep in the mine. And of course, everyone wants that picture in front of the world’s biggest tire. But they probably won’t let you kick it.

There are a few tickets left for the tours, but they are going fast. Keep in mind that if tickets are gone you can still attend Little Big Techs in downtown Longview on Saturday. Several industries will have displays and kid friendly activities from 10am to 2 pm. You must sign up for a ticket to be allowed on a tour.

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