DJI introduces new pro-grade video transmission, receiver units

It may not fly like one of the company’s trademark drones, but DJI says its new video transmission and receiver products will significantly elevate the capabilities – and improve the work – of professional cinematographers and hardcore movie makers using the devices.

The global drone giant announced the release of its DJI Video Receiver and DJI Transmission devices today, calling them pillars in an improved visual data communication system designed to deepen the capacities and facilitate the work of film makers. The specialized products will be sold in High-Bright Monitor and Standard Combo packages, catering to the differing requirements of professional grade users. Airborne Video Transmitters For Cameras Digital

DJI introduces new pro-grade video transmission, receiver units

DJI describes its High-Bright Monitor offer as integrating reception, monitoring, recording, and control of video feeds into a unified solution. The device is compatible with the company’s professional Ronin 4D camera Hand Grips, affording control of Ronin 2 and RS 3 Pro gimbal movements, focusing, and camera parameter adjustments. It’s also compatible with DJI Master Wheels and DJI Force Pro, expanding the range of advanced control options of gimbal operation.

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The Standard Combo tech, which also enables metadata transmissions through SDI and the output of fractional frame rates, is designed for use with production monitors. 

Both reception targets display crystal-clear video and meta data feeds broadcast by the DJI Transmission (Standard Combo) unit. The tech allows a single transmitter to stream to multiple receivers, offering clean, reliable video and audio feeds in two in both broadcast and easy camera mode.

The former permits an unlimited number of receivers to output real-time feeds at the same time – ideal for large crews and multiple teams on set  – with the latter allowing index switching and real-time display of bitrate and video codecs to increase shooting efficiency.

The DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor incorporates a built-in receiver for maximum portability and efficient setup in any setting, and an image processing chip similar to that of the Ronin 4D. Its dual 3G-SDI Output Ports support 1080p/60fps video flows, while its HDMI 1.4 Type-A Output Port enables the streaming of 1080p/60fps videos.

“The new combo completes the DJI Transmission system with the new DJI Video Receiver, which was especially designed to be used with production monitors,” said Paul Pan, DJI’s senior product line manager. “Linked to the extensive DJI PRO ecosystem, it delivers a more efficient coordinated experience. With the High-Bright Monitor Combo and Standard Combo, professionals will have real choice depending on shooting scenarios. We are excited to see how filmmakers utilize this cutting-edge technology to bring their visions to life.” 

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The company said both its new packages are now available for purchase on it is online store, and from most authorized retail partners. 

The DJI Transmission (Standard Combo) sells for $2,499 and comes with a DJI Video Transmitter, DJI Video Receiver, Installation Toolkit, two WB37 Intelligent Batteries, one WB37 Battery Charging Hub, and a variety of cables and battery adapters. The DJI Video Receiver is priced at $1,699.     

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DJI introduces new pro-grade video transmission, receiver units

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