Washing machine habit you should adopt after every wash or risk worrying mould build-up - Mirror Online

Washing machines can be susceptible to mould build-up if they're not cleaned regularly, and there's one change you can make to your washing habits that will keep mould at bay

There's one habit we should all be adopting every time we use our washing machines in order to keep mould at bay. Car Body Parts Mold

Washing machine habit you should adopt after every wash or risk worrying mould build-up - Mirror Online

Mould can build up easily on parts of our washing machines that come into contact with water regularly, such as the rubber seal around the door and the drawer in which we put our washing powder. This is because these areas often trap droplets of water that stay there for days, creating the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew.

But according to home appliance experts, there's one really simple habit you can start incorporating into your laundry routine today, and it will help stop your washing machine from growing mould. All you have to do is remember to keep the appliance's door open when you're not using it.

Experts at Beko, the leading home appliance brand in the UK, told The Express that keeping your washing machine door shut when it's not in use can hinder air circulation and trap moisture inside the appliance, making bacteria more likely to grow. You don't need to leave the door wide open, just don't click it shut.

One of the biggest culprits for mould growth in a washing machine is the rubber seal around the door, and the experts also recommended wiping down the seals with a damp cloth and soapy water to get them sparkling clean. Once the seals are wiped, making sure the door is left open will allow them to dry instead of staying damp and inviting more mould.

The experts said: "To prevent mould and mildew on your washing machine's rubber seals, use a damp cloth with soapy water and avoid lifting the seals from the metal. Employ a toothbrush for stubborn dirt. Leave the machine door open to promote air circulation and prevent bacterial growth in damp conditions."

When it comes to cleaning the outside of your machine, you should use a damp cloth with some washing up liquid, and should ensure you wipe the appliance down with a clean towel to keep it dry.

And to give your washing machine the best chance of lasting for years without any mould problems, you should regularly clean the appliance's filter, often located at the bottom of the machine. The experts recommend cleaning this out "every three months" or whenever it's clogged, as this will "protect the drain pump from potential damage".

Meanwhile, we recently shared a mum's 4p trick that she claimed would clean an entire washing machine in just five minutes. All the woman did was put a dishwasher tablet through her washing machine, and just five minutes later, she claimed her appliance was "sparkling" and hailed the trick as genius.

A packet of 30 dishwasher tablets will set you back £1.34 at Asda, working out as just 4p per tablet. You can also currently grab packs of 40 tablets at Wilko as part of a two for £5 offer.

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Washing machine habit you should adopt after every wash or risk worrying mould build-up - Mirror Online

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