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19 Best Office Chairs 2024: Ergonomic office chairs for WFH  | British GQ

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By Daphne Bugler , Esat Dedezade and Owen Gough

Invest in one of the best office chairs and your back will thank you later

We really hope that if you’re still managing to spend any amount of time working from home, you’re not continuing to use the bed or the dreaded kitchen table chair as your desk. Come on: you’re better than that! Instead, we’d recommend taking a look at the best office chairs below, which will properly level up your WFH environment and actually take care of your body while you work.

Not to sound like your parents or anything, but opting for a genuinely ergonomic and comfortable seat that you spend hours sitting on is a great use of your money and will save you pain in the long run. Turns out our bodies don’t cope well with the stress of hunching over a solid wooden seat for months on end.

Trust us when we say your spine and overall sense of wellbeing will definitely thank you if you branch out with one of our top picks below. The top-tier task chairs will cradle you like a custom-made cloud, winning you over with their ergonomic designs while looking good in the process. That's right: chairs can look good. In fact, some are downright design icons in their own right. Honest.

So prepare yourselves for a world of comfort: a magical world of lumbar support, adjustable armrests, mesh backs, tilt tension, and plush padding. And, if we may be so bold, you might want to also read the best computer desks, monitors, and even the best standing desks, with the latter being a great option for taking a break from sitting down altogether. Don't forget to keep an eye out for the deals below either, and feel free to check out our other deal articles on everything from 4K TVs and smartphones, to fashion deals and even mattress deals.

If you really want your money to work for you, but you're not quite ready to drop more than £100 on an office chair, Comhoma fuses comfy build quality with affordability for an all-around high-performing swivel chair.

Known for its exceptionally high-quality office chairs, there's no beating Herman Miller when it comes to ergonomic design in the workspace. Innovative in every sense, from the linked back and seat depth, adjustable features and suspension mesh backrest, this chair is the long-lasting WFH companion you deserve, and one of our best buys.

Blending gaming comfort with an understated office-suitable felt aesthetic, the Razer Iskur provides the best of both worlds. Its built-in lumbar support earns it extra brownie points too, and will come in handy for long Zoom calls and marathon gaming sessions alike thanks to its high back office chair design and foam seat.

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The below picks are a roundup of our absolute favourite office chairs that will totally revolutionise your WFH set-up, no matter your budget. We've tested a few of the below, assessing the comfort levels, adjustable components to fine-tune your seating position and how fun it is to swivel around on them. We mark the best for how well they support your spine when you sit down and any additional extras like breathable mesh designs or pillows to support your head. For the rest, we've selected the most popular chairs available from top retailers and manufacturers and tried to make the picks as future-proof as possible.

Take a digital stroll through the various online retailers and furniture stores and you‘ll find plenty of home office chairs for supporting your weary WFH body. Once you start doing a bit of research, you‘ll quickly realise the quality of these chairs can be wildly different depending on how much you‘re willing to spend. The best budget options will literally be a chair for you to sit on with minimum support, but if you spend a little more, you can expect mesh chairs with dedicated lumbar support for when you want to feel like working on a cloud; Herman Miller is probably the brand to go for.

Within a similar price point is Humanscale, another brand that produces high-quality chairs and is definitely worth a look. If, however, you are not prepared to spend £1,000 on an office chair and are looking for something at a more affordable price tag, brands including John Lewis, Comhoma, Ikea and Habitat all produce good, ergonomic chairs that will make a major difference in your WFH set-up. They aren't going to have the same high-end quality as a Herman Miller, but for lower budgets, they're some of the best you can find.

Different office chairs naturally suit different people, but there are some key features that are worth looking out for when shopping for the best one for you. Lynda Rowe, Officer Furniture Buyer at John Lewis says that “a good office chair should be supportive of your body, allowing for plenty of movement. It should also be suited to your workstation, especially the height of the table or desk top, which you need to be able to rest your forearms comfortably on. For those whose feet don't quite reach the floor, a foot rest can help — a good one will allow you to rock your feet to help with blood circulation.”

Rowe also added: “the longer you're using the chair daily, the more features you should take into consideration, like lumbar support, seat height and tilt adjustments. If more than one person will be using the chair, look for one that has dynamic adjustment and integrated lumbar support. For those sat for several hours a day, you will find mesh a cooler fabric option”.

We‘ve all been warned about the perils of spending too long slouching over a laptop on your desk, but you do actually need to take it seriously if you‘re still working from home a lot. Your posture can take a battering over many hours sitting down, so you have to grab a chair that will give you optimum support for your back over long periods. Th best office chairs embody maximum support and comfort, and you’ll want to ensure you get a quality one that will stand the test of time. Some of the more impressive offerings even have things like a 12-year warranty, so keep an eye out for those extra details.

Contrary to what you might have been trying to convince yourself for the past year, a wooden kitchen chair simply does not help you improve your sitting position. Not only is it bad for your posture and your joints, but they are also really uncomfortable when you’ve been sitting for a long period of time. We’d recommend investing in an ergonomic office chair that will adapt the back of the chair to your position throughout the day, provide support to your back and lumbar and allow you to sit at the right height for the desk you’re working at.

You might want to also think about if you want to move around on your chair. Some of our favourite options will have either casters (which are basically rotating wheels fixed to the bottom of the spokes) or glides, which are metal discs that help you slide around a bit easier. Wheels are normally the preferred choice, for wooden floors, whereas glides can be good for moving around on carpet without leaving dents. Of course, here at GQ we also appreciate a stylish office chair, so keep an eye on the upholstery and colourway as well — from black and blues, to more bright, vibrant options, there’s something here for everyone.

You want to keep an eye out for any chairs that are considered ergonomic if you plan to take care of your lower back pain. Ergonomic means something that's designed for efficiency or comfort in the working environment, which we are, of course, absolutely here for. When it comes to chairs, this normally means that there will be some level of additional back (both lower back and mid-back) or adjustable lumbar support, as well as the ability to adjust the seat height and angle to suit your body type, size and preferences. Ideally, this should mean you are sitting comfortably with your lower legs perpendicular to the floor –definitely don’t sit cross-legged or leaning over the arm as we do. Comfortable chairs should support and promote good posture with strong backrests and castor wheels, comfortable seat cushions and perhaps a headrest or armrest to dispel any repetitive strain injury potential as you work.

Oh, and make sure you look out for an included warranty before you checkout, as the last thing you want is for it to break and have to pay for a whole new one to be shipped over to you.

You've all likely got a mate who has a full-on gaming rig decked out with a silly amount of monitors, an expensive PC and a gaming chair that they swear by as the most comfortable thing to sit on. And while they are typically designed well for sitting in front of a screen for long periods, they may not be the best choice for anyone looking for a more professional aesthetic to their at-home office.

First ad foremost, these chairs are typically more garish, with unusual colourschemes, designs or motifs that highlight the buyer's love for particular games, which is obviously wasted if you just need something comfortable to sit on and you aren't bothered about how it looks. Alongside that, these chairs usually have taller back supports and a bucket seat design that isn't as comfortable as a dedicated at-home office chair. There's not that much in it, but if you're torn between a gaming chair and a regular one, we'd always recommend you opt to sit on an office chair.

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Reasons to buy: One of the most ergonomic chairs money can buy, the Mirra 2 will follow your every movement

“As responsive as your shadow”: it's a bold claim, but the Mirra 2 really does seem to be one of the most ergonomic chairs you can get, which is reflected in its rather lofty price tag. If comfort is paramount, though, then it could be worth spending investing in sitting in paradise. But what makes it so special?

The secret lies in its ability to intuitively mirror your natural movements. Like a running shoe. From rocking and foot tapping, to leaning off to the side, this is a chair that takes everything you do in its stride, while safely cradling you in the process. Perhaps not quite as comfortable as lying on a cloud, but surely the next best thing.

Reasons to buy: A stunning design, available in a vast range of eye-catching colours.

Inspired by the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the Sayl is an absolute masterclass in functional furniture design. The standout piece in any room, it's an attention-demanding chair that wouldn't look out of place in a secret volcanic lair.

Its modern angular shape, coupled with a cleverly-designed mesh back that perfectly adjusts to your spine, makes for a cool, comfortable sitting experience. Without an ounce of PVC used, it's forged from 90% recycled materials. The best part, though, is its vast array of colour and fabric options, letting you design a truly eye-popping chair that'll be the pride of your home setup for years to come.

Reasons to buy: No-nonsense design with a comfortable build — the recycled bottle construction is a welcome bonus

It might not be as eye-catching as, say, some of the pricier Herman Miller offerings on our list, but there's something to be said for Humanscale's no-nonsense design, which is still pleasing enough to the eye while remaining comfortably functional.

You're getting a solid chair for your cash; capable of supporting up to 300kg, you can rest assured you're in safe hands. All the key adjustable elements are included as well, including a fancy gravity mechanism which uses your own body weight to adjust it to your needs, rather than relying on knobs and levers. The FormSense Eco Knit mesh is a nice touch too, using recycled plastic bottles for a dash of sustainability.

Reasons to buy: A great chair for comfortably less than £200, you can be proud to show this off on your Zoom calls.

Hbada's office chair is a solid all-rounder that'll keep you comfortable while providing a major upgrade to your WFH set-up. It has an S-shaped backrest which curves to naturally support your posture, while both the height and angle of the seat can be adjusted to make sure you get it into an appropriate position for your body size and height.

Made with breathable mesh to keep you cool year-round, it'll come in handy for those inevitably sticky British summers. As with all good office chairs it can rotate 360-degrees, and to top it all off, you can also lift up the armrest at the end of the day, letting you tuck it into your desk so that it's comfortably out of the way.

Reasons to buy: One of the best affordable office chairs the Comhoma has all of the basics covered

Comhoma's office chair has long been a favourite among GQ readers, and it remains a staple in many of our home offices to this day. One of the most functional options for less than £100, the desk chair has got most of the basic ergonomic features we look for covered, making for a significant upgrade to your standard solid wood or plastic dining room chair.

While not our favourite aesthetically, the black design is pretty standard of office chairs, and can slot easily into most interior set-ups, adding a professional tone. Adjust the height to your preferred level to make sure you're sitting comfortably, and then enjoy the rocking function that'll keep you in a good place throughout the day. And if you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll also get free delivery and a next day delivery option.

Reasons to buy: The Aeron is the absolute pinnacle of WFH comfort thanks to the wealth of adjustable options. It kept us sitting straight and we loved the comfort.

When it comes to the gold standard of office chairs, this is your winner. The Aeron is designed with such high attention to detail that its backrest has been structured with eight different zones, each offering varying tensions so as to maximise the support it offers for the back. With engineering so advanced that the back and seat work together to respond to your body, and a frame that encourages better posture, it's the kind of chair that's a lifelong investment, and one that'll actively improve the quality of your day-to-day life when you're sitting down. There's no wonder this heavy duty chair is almost always sold out.

Reasons to buy: As far as affordable office chairs go, Comhoma's has the best balance of ergonomic features, as well as a refreshing grey colour that is significantly more easy on the eyes than your standard black

When it comes to buying an office chair, you can either go all out and invest in the ergonomic genius of a Herman Miller, or you can try and find a more budget-friendly alternative that still delivers on plenty of the most important ergonomic elements, but without taking a huge chunk out of your paycheck. Should the latter be your chosen approach, Comhoma is set to be your new WFH best friend. Combining a lumbar support system with a padded back and seat and a mesh backrest, as well as an adjustable height and flip-up armrests, this chair does all of the basics pretty well, and it won't even cost you £100. The icing on the cake? It comes in a refreshing grey colour, a welcome sight in a sea of too many black office chairs.

Reasons to buy: A good, affordable option

Another good, affordable office chair, Yaheetech is all about stripping things down to the essentials, keeping it as budget-friendly as possible. You won't find much in the way of advanced features or technologically enhanced designs, but you'll be able to feel significantly more comfortable throughout the working day. And if you're not fancying making a huge investment here, that's a pretty decent result.

For less than £60, you'll have to put up with the standard black design of the chair, but you'll be able to enjoy the ergonomic elemts like lumbar back support, adjustable height and the comfortably designed seat. It's simple, but it's effective.

Reasons to buy: Built to last generations, this solid chair will cradle you with support and comfort for years to come

We’ll admit that parting with north of two grand for an office chair without fancy bells and whistles – like adjustable lumbar support and headrests – seems a tad insane, but there’s no getting around the build quality of this offering. Designed by architect and engineer Jean Prouvé, it’s as much a work of art as it is a functional piece of furniture, with the built quality of a tank to boot. A tubular steel frame, combined with plush, generous cushioning, offer a rock-solid base for all-day tasks, while the array of colour options make it stand out even more from its lesser rivals.

Reasons to buy: Timeless styling that blends in seamlessly with modern and classic interiors

One glance at John Lewis’ Radcliffe chair is all you need to understand why it’s made our list. Its beautifully classic PU leather styling make it a standout piece of furniture without being too bulky, letting it slot nicely into a myriad of interiors ranging from retro classic to chic and modern. It’s not the most ergonomic chair on paper (given the lack of adjustable lumbar support and armrests), but that also means it can slide right under a desk, letting your arms rest comfortably on the table while keeping out of the way when not in use.

Reasons to buy: A great middle-of-the-road chair that has premium support features without a blown-out price.

If we had to pick an office chair that epitomised that middle-ground between the premium Herman Miller chairs, and Amazon's more budget-friendly offerings, John Lewis & Partners' Murray would fit the bill to a tee. Designed to be used for up to eight hours per day, this chair has a form-comforting mesh backrest that you can lean back into as well as a built-in lumbar support system to ensure you're supported.

The basic adjustable features are also present, including the ever-important height adjustable option to make sure you're sitting at the right height for your body and to ensure you maintain good posture while working at your desk. This is an office chair that is as standard as they come. No bells and whistles, just the fundamental basics.

Reasons to buy: The automatic contouring to the curvature of your spine is a dream when you try it out - just sink in and let it cradle you as you work.

Herman Miller is the absolute gold standard when it comes to desk chairs, and while that does mean its offerings can be on the pricier side, you absolutely get what you pay for. When it comes to selecting which Herman Miller to go for, however, the decision is a little trickier. With a minimalist design that has been built to streamline around the user, this chair is ergonomically made to move and conform with you as you change positions throughout the day. This uses a “Kinematic Spine” technology that bends with the user, as well as an elastomeric fabric to contour around your shape while instead of levels, the chair will react and respond to you and the way you sit.

Tech aside, it’s just an absolute pleasure to behold, and almost has a Dyson or Apple-esque feel to its design. It also seems to fit the perfect size spot for most people, managing to be large enough to be comfortable, without being an imposing lumbering, mass that dominates the room. If you’re not fussed about taller backs and headrests, then this is the sort of form factor you should be after. Ultimately, this is a chair you'll be investing in for life and it is well worth it.

Reasons to buy: A top-spec chair designed for gamers, but is just as adept in the hands of a spreadsheet demon as it is a FIFA god.

As much as you might like idea of topping the Call of Duty: Warzone leaderboard, you probably won't want your colleagues seeing you sit on any brightly coloured, LED-lit gaming behemoth during your Monday morning Zoom call. So if you're inclined to spring for a gaming chair that looks a little less like something an energy-drinking teen might have in their bedroom, then you'll be more than a little pleased to hear that the Razer Iskur is on the more subtle end of the gaming chair spectrum. Its designers have nailed the brief, with a sleek-yet-subtle design that wouldn't look out of place in any serious home office. Standout features include adjustable lumbar support that's designed to contour to the shape of your spine, promising comfortable Teams calls, dungeon raids, and everything in between. An ideal choice that bridges the gap between work and play without looking garish or tacky.

Reasons to buy: Very thick seat cushion

It’s hard to take the name seriously, but if you can get past it, Realm of Thrones is one of the best office chairs on Amazon for a major home office comfort upgrade. Starting with the seat cushion, a saddle-inspired design that’s 10cm thick, with pressure-relieving contouring, and working up to the padded armrests and ultimately the height adjustable headrest that’s curved to help support your spine, the brand has taken care to put as many ergonomic features as possible into the chair, helping to support your posture and your comfort at your desk. These aside, you can also adjust the tension of the chair, take pleasure in the breathable mesh backrest, and use the flip-up arms to store the chair easily under your desk while you’re not using it.

Reasons to buy: An affordable high back office chair with adjustable features and lumbar support, available through Amazon Prime for next day delivery

Amazon’s array of office chairs is one of the most expansive of the online furniture shops we peruse, and this chair from Ticova is well worth your time. For less than £200, it’s a high-backed office chair that incorporates more adjustable features than some of the even pricier chairs on the market, including lumbar support, height and depth, headrest height and angle, armrest height angle and position, tilting angle and even seat cushion height. Given how much our bodies and proportions vary, having these kind of adjustable features means that you’re more likely to actually feel comfortable and reap the benefits of having an office chair, making it suit you and the support you need as an individual. This aside, the chair is sufficiently padded to help you when you’re working long hours, and is made from a breathable mesh that’ll help circulate airflow, a crucial feature on sticky summer days.

Reasons to buy: We like that this Flexispot has top-spec materials and a design that’s kind to your back and hips, without looking like the kind of unsightly throne found in your actual office.

Most widely known for its standing desks, which we’re big fans of here at GQ, FlexiSpot’s office chair is another example of the brand’s dedication to producing premium office furniture that places ergonomics at the heart of its design. Made with a comfortable W-shaped seat design that reduces the pressure on your body while you sit, the chair has been produced specifically with people who work long hours in mind, focusing on different design elements that can make it a better experience.

The chair’s material is breathable, with fabric that should prevent odours and mould forming over time, while the swing function provides flexibility, helping you find a position that works best for your body type. And with the option to adjust the height, backrest tightness and armrests, you’ll be able to customise it even further to suit your needs.

Reasons to buy: For improving your WFH posture, the amount of adjustments and features this chair has on offer is a huge W.

We don't think there will ever come a day when John Lewis doesn't have exactly the piece of furniture we're after, especially when it's something on the practical and functional side. And proving us right once again is the Penny office chair. Part of the department store's Anyday range, the Penny is a pretty standard office chair design, with a classic black look that'll give your office a much more professional feel than your dining table chairs will. It has a good range of ergonomic features, from tilting mechanisms and a mesh backrest to a height-adjusting lever, which will be well-received by both your back and neck. Pop it into your cart, pick yourself up a laptop stand as well and consider your home office significantly improved.

Reasons to buy: Aesthetically-pleasing vintage design

Eschewing out-and-out ergonomics for a desk chair that oozes style with every swivel, Smithers of Stamford’s Mustang has all the vintage appeal of the Ford automobile from which it rips its name. An achingly cool addition to the kind of home office you can take Zoom calls from in the day and pour yourself a neat whisky come closing time, its brown or anthracite leather upholstery is neatly complemented by a distressed-looking metal frame. Easily adjusted with a few dizzying spins, though the ridges won’t align your spine to any chiropractic spec, the ridges in its back are comfortable nonetheless.

Reasons to buy: Innovative hybrid seat, generous 12-year warrant

19 Best Office Chairs 2024: Ergonomic office chairs for WFH  | British GQ

Chair Plastic Chairs Supplier At first glance, the Karman might look like any other minimalist office chair — albeit a very high-end one. With a pared-back design and a plethora of different colour options available, you can even select from a choice of castors. But it’s the clever patented hybrid seat that truly sets the Karman apart. A suspension seat with integrated cushioning, it’s designed to provide maximum comfort regardless of how many hours you’re sitting down. It’s all thanks to a combination of an ultralight frame that flexes to eliminate painful pressure points (a problem on regular mesh chairs), and the Intermix textile mesh material which never sags or feels stiff.