Rumpl's Merino Wool Blanket Isn't Itchy on My Skin—and It's Currently 50% Off

It’s the softest blanket I’ve ever had.

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Rumpl's Merino Wool Blanket Isn't Itchy on My Skin—and It's Currently 50% Off

As a Minnesotan of Scandinavian descent, I've gathered quite the collection of wool staples, including hats, mittens, coats, sweaters, and socks. My family even has a bundle of wool blankets at my cabin in Northern Minnesota that's been passed down from previous generations. They're my favorite blankets to use in our central heatless cabin because, while thin, they still provide a good amount of weight and warmth.

Though I've gotten used to itchy wool fibers, they're no friend to my dry winter skin. So when Rumpl's merino wool blanket landed on my doorstep, I audibly gasped at how soft the materials felt in my hands. And right now, you can get your own for 50 percent off.

Rumpl is well known for its puffy, insulated outdoor blankets that are made for camping, picnics, and everyday lounging. But its merino wool blankets take comfort to a whole new level. The blankets are constructed using 100 percent natural fibers from a blend of responsibly sourced Australian merino wool and organic cotton. They have a reversible striped triangular design and come in a few different colors, including terracotta, pacific, and ash. The queen size measures 90 inches by 95 inches and weighs about 5.2 pounds.

Like most wool things, the blanket is not machine-washable. But since wool fibers are naturally odor-neutralizing, it won't require frequent cleaning. If you have to get out stains or odors, the brand recommends dry cleaning.

I got the merino wool blanket in sage—a color that's currently out of stock—and it perfectly ties my bedroom together with its calming hues, creating the cozy haven I've been dreaming about. It's so soft, warm, and lightweight that it's wrapped around me as I write this story.

Though the blanket typically retails for $380, it's currently on sale for $190, which is a great value for the quality you're getting. A well-made wool blanket can truly last a lifetime, if not generations, making it a solid investment compared to fleece or knit blankets that deteriorate after frequent use.

A former colleague of mine, who also received the blanket, had this to say about the texture: "I have some of the most sensitive skin on the planet. If I even look at a wool sweater, I start to itch. That's why I was hesitant about Rumpl's blanket from the start, but figured I would give it a chance. To my surprise, it was much softer than I expected, and I've been snuggling up with the throw since it showed up on my doorstep—happy and with no hives in sight."

Rumpl's Merino Wool Blanket Isn't Itchy on My Skin—and It's Currently 50% Off

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