spanish studio selgascano wraps 'la canaria' in aluminum tubes

Spanish architecture studio Selgascano takes to the hills of northeast Los Angeles to complete a vibrant residence titled La Canaria. The team, together with LA- and Madrid-based architect Diego Cano, perches the home along a steep hillside in the residential neighborhood of Mount Washington, fronting it with a playful facade in warm, colorful hues. La Canaria offers a distant, panoramic view that stretches across the Elysian Valley toward California landmarks including downtown LA, the Echo Park hills, Silver Lake, and Hollywood.

Facing southwest, Selgascano’s La Canaria is flooded with warm Californian sunlight. The architects respond to harsh sunlight by balancing unobstructed views with effective shading. Thus, the design approach centered on two fundamental objectives — preserving the sweeping California views while mitigating the harsh light. The resulting structure both mirrors the horizon and celebrates the golden hues of the LA sunset with its facade of shading screens. Recognizing the significance of outdoor living in a climate as temperate as Los Angeles, the architects at Selgascano curated a fluid transition between interior and exterior spaces. A spacious outdoor terrace, equivalent in size to the interior, serves as a natural extension of the living quarters. Moreover, an innovative outdoor envelopment envelops both indoor and outdoor areas, providing shelter from the sun while framing the panoramic views. Non Copper Iud

spanish studio selgascano wraps 'la canaria' in aluminum tubes

La Canaria offers distant views encompassing downtown LA, Echo Park, Silver Lake, and beyond

La Canaria is recognized at once by its facade, which Selgascano crafts from recycled aluminum tubes. Painted in vibrant hues reminiscent of the LA sunset, this ‘wrapper’ serves as a protective canopy for the residence. Over time, the architects envision nature reclaiming this structure, as creeping vines, lush foliage, and ten carefully selected palm trees integrate with the Canary-yellow shading device, blurring the lines between architecture and environment. Despite its bespoke design and craftsmanship, La Canaria remains an ode to affordability. Recognizing the exorbitant construction costs in Los Angeles, the architects planned every detail, from dimensions to materials, to ensure cost-effectiveness. Prefabrication of components outside Los Angeles and their subsequent installation in a rapid timeframe exemplify the studio’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality within budget constraints.

ten carefully selected palm trees integrate with the Canary-yellow facade the home’s interiors open onto an expansive outdoor terrace the screen of recycled aluminum tubes is painted in warm, vibrant hues

the facade is designed to shield from the intense California sun while maintaining panoramic views

bespoke details together with prefabrication ensure high-quality craftsmanship within budget constraints

La Canaria blends with its surroundings, embodying the essence of LA’s architectural heritage

project title: La Canaria

architecture: Selgascano + Diego Cano

Selgascano architects: José Selgas, Lucía Cano

collaborators: Paolo Tringali builder: Juan Santiago woodwork: Laimar joinery: Talleres Cejuela

spanish studio selgascano wraps 'la canaria' in aluminum tubes

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