13 Biggest Kitchen Design Trends in 2024 and Beyond

The combination island is taking off.

Are you already eyeing the next upgrade to your kitchen's design? Well, you're in the right place! At House Beautiful, we pride ourselves in knowing the ins and outs of the heart of your home, so it's only fitting for us to share the top kitchen design trends of 2024. Your kitchen gets the most foot traffic of any room in your home, meaning there's always an idea worth adding to your space to increase its appeal. With the help of designers and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), we've narrowed down the trends that will dominate not only 2024 but the next three years. door kitchen design

Warm woods and natural colors will make a major comeback in 2024, says Carisha Swanson, our director of editorial special projects. It's kind of a throwback, but in the best way. Swanson has also noticed the world of kitchen islands tilting for the better. "We're starting to see islands become much more conversational and intimate and less like the bar," she says. "On either end cap you actually have seating now, so you can talk to the person as if you were sitting at a sidebar or at the corner of a bar."

The trends to come have pushed tables to the side (hello, multipurpose kitchen islands!) and made a beverage station the go-to destination in the kitchen. They'll also make you feel more connected to nature than ever before, from shades of green paint and budding blooms on shelves to more innovative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Clear and prep your design mood boards for the best kitchen design trends of 2024 and beyond.

Skip bar-style seating at your kitchen island and enjoy quality conversations with your loved ones where everyone feels involved. "Conversational islands are definitely back versus looking at the cook doing all the work or feeding you island-side," says Swanson.

According to Anastasia Casey of IDCO Studio, we'll get the best of both worlds in 2024 when it comes to kitchen islands. "We'll see way more combination islands in the kitchen. This means that 50 to 60 percent of the island will have closed storage below, while the remaining 40 to 50 percent will have simple furniture-style legs with large top drawers and open space below for counter-height stools to tuck under," she says.

"I feel like people are starting to lose the want for an understated kitchen, and the larger-than-life trend is back," says designer Laura Williams of ATX Interior Design. "For instance, light fixtures that are oversized and a statement piece will be the look of 2024."

The NKBA found that matte black will take second place as homeowners go for gold. Kitchen sink faucets in matte, satin, and brushed finishes will be gleaming in gold to create a warmer atmosphere.

"We'll also be seeing the continuation of wood tones in kitchens, with the combination of wood and painted cabinetry in more innovative ways," says Casey. For example, 2024 will bring cabinet towers in stained wood with lower cabinets in a painted finish.

Food Network star Molly Yeh made this work in her own home kitchen, seen here. The baking area has a cool and practical marble top, while the island is butcher block with wood drawers for prep and serving.

When asked about kitchen color trends in 2024, NKBA said greens will be the top choice. From calming sage to power-packed emerald, green isn't going anywhere. Green is easy to incorporate into your kitchen's color scheme and has the ability to make kitchen cabinets sing.

Your coffeemaker deserves to be on full display next year. Homeowners are looking to install beverage stations in their kitchens in 2024. This upgrade includes coffee bars with built-in coffee makers, wet bars, and smoothie stations with room to store glassware in the cabinets.

The NKBA reports we'll see an uptick in creative range hood designs, including wood, stainless steel, and mixed materials for a custom look. You can always achieve the trend by painting over an existing wooden hood if you want to continue a specific color story in your home.

This custom range hood in designer Alison Victoria's Atlanta loft was created by Mark Wentz of Americo Fabrication & Design. "I wanted a hood unlike anything you've ever seen, one that's artistic and also functions properly," she says.

According to Swanson, the trend of undercounter refrigeration is going everywhere as manufacturers respond with dual refrigerators and dual undercounter refrigerator drawers. "The idea of appliances living in nontraditional kitchen spaces continues to be a trend, and it's really all over the house wherever you want to be able to reach quickly for a cold drink. It's still in the kitchen, but it's also headed downstairs to the bar and into movie rooms," she says.

The prep sink and undercounter refrigerator drawers in this bar by designer Vani Sayeed allow seamless serving.

The expansion of beverage stations is headed outside too! People want to be able to entertain without getting in the car. "You can have dinner in your beautiful kitchen upstairs but keep the party at home—and out of the main kitchen," says Swanson. "Maybe you want to put the kids to bed or don't want a raucous after-party affecting bedroom spaces."

HurleyHafen designed this epic Napa Valley outdoor space with a bar, dance floor, and long dining table for hosting friends and family.

The NKBA and Swanson are looking forward to welcoming warm natural wood tones back into kitchens. The trend of coating cabinets in white is taking a backseat! Natural high texture and wood patterns on cabinets bring an organic air to kitchens, especially when they're part of a contemporary, midcentury, or Scandinavian design.

Interior design firm BHDM added modern updates to this 1970s Catskill home originally designed by local Japanese-American architect Ikuyo Tagawa while maintaining its original character.

Clear your kitchen of fuss and clutter with a thoughtfully designed minimalist layout. Think cabinets and appliances with push-to-open technology, plenty of pantry space, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, easy-to-clean quartz countertops, and grout-free floors. These features cut down on chores for easy cleaning and upkeep. Minimalist doesn't mean boring, as proven by this neutral kitchen designed by Corinne Mathern Studio.

Kathryn Murphy of Kathryn Murphy Interiors says, "I see kitchens getting more personalized as color continues to win out over white, incorporating art or a great wallpaper alongside luxury functional choices." Enhance the charm of color with bold accent colors, a unique backsplash, and even vibrant light fixtures as Murphy did in this kitchen.

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