ISC Class 12 Electricity and Electronics Syllabus 2023 - 2024: Download Class 12th Electricity and Electronics  Syllabus PDF 

Class 12 2023-24 Electricity and Electronics syllabus ISC: Here in this article ISC Class 12 students will be able to understand the Electricity and Electronics syllabus. In the list of electives offered by the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) to the ISC Class 11 and 12 students, the Electricity and Electronics subject is one of them.  The subject code for Electricity and Electronics is 866. CISCE has mentioned certain points at the beginning of the syllabus. Let us have a look at those words of CISCE “ The syllabus is not intended to be used as a teaching syllabus or to suggest teaching order. It is expected that teachers will wish to develop the subject in their own way. 

In the examination, questions will be aimed more at testing the candidates' understanding of fundamental principles, and the application of these principles to problem situations, than to their ability to remember a large number of facts. Some questions will include simple calculations. An experimental approach to the subject is envisaged and it is assumed that candidates will spend adequate time on individual experimental work. Questions may be set requiring descriptions of experimental procedures. Candidates should also know how to exhibit the results of experiments graphically and how to make deductions from graphs, e.g. from intercepts and gradient in the case of straight-line graphs, deductions by interpolation.  Ac Servo Motor

ISC Class 12 Electricity and Electronics Syllabus 2023 - 2024: Download Class 12th Electricity and Electronics  Syllabus PDF 

Candidates will be expected to be conversant with SI units .” 

These lines clearly direct the students and teachers towards the right approach to getting high grades in this subject. To know the syllabus continue reading.

There will be two papers in the subject: 

Paper I - Theory: 3 hours…… 80 Marks 

Paper II - Project Work ……. 20 Marks

Paper I (Theory): 80 Marks 

The paper will be divided into two parts. 

Part I: will consist of short answer questions. This part will be compulsory. 

Part II: will consist of eight questions. Candidates will be required to answer five questions.


In addition to the syllabus prescribed above, candidates are also required to be assessed in Project Work. The Project work will be assessed by the subject teacher and the Visiting Examiner appointed locally and approved by the Council. 

All candidates will be required to have completed two projects from any topic/s covered in theory. 

Mark allocation for each project (10 marks) *:

List of suggested assignments for Project Work:

1. Electrical accessories (any five), meters and equipment (any three) used in the laboratory (along with precautions to be observed). Accessories (tools) used in Laboratory: Soldering gun, soldering stand, solder (lead), nose plier, wire stripper, line tester, tag-board, breadboard, general purpose printed circuit board (PCB). Meters and equipment: DC milliammeter, AC milliammeter, DC Voltmeter, AC voltmeter, Digital Multimeter, Variable DC power supply, Fixed DC power supply, Audio signal generator, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO).

2. Electrical Cables, their types, uses and specifications. (Any 5 types, with one use and important specifications).

3. Measuring the values of different types of: (i) resistors using colour code (ii) capacitors using code number . Writing the procedure to measure the values of resistances, capacitances and inductances using multimeter.

4. Different types of switches (any five), circuit protecting devices and their specifications. Switches: single-pole, single-throw (SPST), single-pole, double-throw (SPDT), double-pole, single-throw (DPST), double-pole, double-throw (DPDT), Rotary switch, Push Button switch, relay. Miniature circuit breaker(MCB), fuse, fuse holder (show samples), switch action (continuity and discontinuity using multimeter) Specifications; current and voltage ratings.

5. Distribution of electric power (D.C and A.C distribution) using overhead and underground cables along with their advantages and uses.

6. V-I Characteristics of a semiconductor diode (PN), its types and use of any one type of semiconductor diode.

7. V-I Characteristics of a Zener Diode and its use as a voltage regulator.

8. Half wave and Full wave rectifier (either centretapped or bridge type) with/without filter circuit.

9. Electrical accessories (Power outlets, lamp holders, ceiling roses and junction boxes) their structure and uses.

10. Simple circuitry of lighting and power circuits (domestic use), their layout and limitations, following IEE regulations.

11. Principle, construction and working of DC motor with explanation of any one type of DC motor.

12. Characteristics of DC generator and DC motor.

13. Types of microphones (any two) giving their construction, working and uses with diagrams.

14. Types of loudspeakers (any two) giving their construction, working and uses with diagrams.

15. Construction and working principle of power supply including common faults, causes, testing and repair.

16. Multimeters and their types including functions of any one type of multimeter.

17. Transistor Audio Power Amplifiers (any two types), their advantages, disadvantages and uses.

18. Principle, construction, working and uses of Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.

19. Identify a diode, a transistor, a LED, a resistor, an IC (integrated circuit), and a capacitor from a assorted collection of given items and an analog multimeter.

20. Prepare a working model on any one of the following and prepare a brief report highlighting the components used, circuit diagram and a stepby-step procedure: 

(i) Automatic Traffic Signal System using suitable combination of logic gates 

(ii) Basic gates (OR, AND, NOT) using NAND gates 

(iii) FM Radio Receiver 

(iv) Fire Alarm System 

(vi) Stepper Motor Controller 

(vii) Water Level Indicator 

NOTE: No question paper for Project work will be set by the Council

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ISC Class 12 Electricity and Electronics Syllabus 2023 - 2024: Download Class 12th Electricity and Electronics  Syllabus PDF 

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