Best Round Ligament Pain Relief Products 2024

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It’s safe to say that a lot changes during pregnancy. You’re growing a little human, after all, and your body goes through a lot to make that happen. It’s exciting and strange… and unfortunately comes with some literal growing pains as your pregnancy progresses. This can come in the form of a sore back, aching feet or, perhaps least pleasant of all, the stabbing sharp twinges in your sides known as round ligament pain.Why you might experience round ligament pain during pregnancy

Round ligament pain usually feels like a dull ache or a sharp, jabbing sensation in your hips and groin. It typically starts around week 14 of your pregnancy and usually occurs during the second trimester, but could flare up later or earlier as well.

This pain is caused by the round ligament, which runs from the upper corner of the uterus through the groin and down into the vagina and labia, says Angelina Gangestad, M.D., division chief of obstetrics and gynecology at UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. (You have two round ligaments — one on each side of your uterus.)

“In pregnancy, as the uterus grows up out of the pelvis, the uterus can now shift from side to side more. When it does that, it tugs on that ligament,” says Dr. Gangestad — causing sharp pains and discomfort. It typically lasts for a few minutes at most, she says. You're likely to feel the pain upon waking or during a particularly active day. It can also happen when you roll over in bed, adds Dr. Gangestad, or even from baby’s movements inside your uterus.

While it sounds a bit scary, as long as the pain isn’t accompanied by a fever, chills, painful urination or bleeding, round ligament pain is typically nothing to worry about. Of course, if the pain is persistent or severe, consult your doctor.Products to help you find round ligament pain relief

“Round ligament pain, just because of its nature, is really kind of more spontaneous and kind of just happens,” says Dr. Gangestad. This makes prevention very difficult. However, there are some things you can try to help mitigate that uncomfortable pain:Belly bands and support belts. These products provide extra support to your growing bump to ease pressure on your pelvis and lower back. They also reduce some uterine movement to help lessen the impact of round ligament pains, says Dr. Gangestad. However, don’t wear them overnight and take breaks from wearing belts to ensure you’re not irritating your skin or cutting off circulation.Heating pads and packs. “Heat can definitely help,” Dr. Gangestad says. Applying heat to the painful spots when they flare up, whether that’s through warm baths, heating pads or hot water bottles can soothe round ligament pain. (Just remember if using a heating pad to set it on the lowest setting and wrap it in a towel to avoid burning or overheating.)Acetaminophen. This over-the-counter pain reliever is generally considered safe for pregnancy, but definitely check with your doctor before using it to be sure it’s right for you and your unique health needs. Kinesiology tape. Athletes use “KT” tape to help support muscles and reduce pain, and some research shows that it reduces lower back pain during pregnancy. While research on the topic is limited, it might also be helpful with round ligament pain, although it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor or physical therapist for tips on how to best use it. Some may also get rashes from the adhesive on the tape.

There are also some things you can do at home to soothe round ligament pain, Dr. Gangestad says. Stretching and yoga can help ease pain when it strikes, as can resting and staying still. She also recommends holding your bump before you cough or sneeze.How we chose the best products for round ligament pain relief during pregnancy

Like many other aspects of pregnancy, every mom-to-be experiences round ligament pain in her own way, and certain products work better for some moms than others. For that reason, we looked to the What to Expect community to understand what products work best for the biggest variety of moms. We analyzed dozens of discussion threads about round ligament and compiled the list of products moms recommended to each other the most. From there, we evaluated their choices against the expert guidance above. Keep reading to see which products might work best for you to ease your own round ligament pain.

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If you’re looking for lots of support (or are dealing with back pain, too), Dr. Gangestad recommends going for a maternity belt. They’re usually bulkier than belly bands (more on those in a sec), but the straps that wrap above and below your abdomen help stabilize your bump and take weight off your pelvis and lower back. It can be great for exercise, too, she says. If you can, Dr. Gangestad recommends getting fitted at your OB-GYN’s office to ensure the belt is sized properly and supporting you correctly.

This option from Neotech is a winner among What to Expect community moms and other parents thanks to its wide size range (fitting bumps up to 60.5 inches) and breathable fabric that keeps you supported without discomfort. It’s also very effective at reducing lower back pain, helping you deal with two discomforts in one product.

Sizing: Small, 33 to 41 inches; medium, 38 to 45 inches; large, 42 to 49 inches; XL, 46 to 54 inches; XXL, 52 to 60.5 inches

I got the neotech care maternity support belt after trying 3 or 4 the first time around this one was the best by far. I don't put the strap above my belly but it works amazingly to redistribute the pressure helps with back and pelvic pain so much.

I started using this one from Amazon. I like it a lot.

Maternity bands like this one offer lighter support, says Dr. Gangestad, and can work for some people — especially if you have less overall pain.

The Gabrialla Maternity Belt sits on your hips and fits snugly under your growing bump to help ease the pressure on your ligaments. This adjustable band fits under your belly and around your lower back, and even has a built-in back pocket that can hold ice and heat packs. Some What to Expect community moms say the belt is great for stability while running and working out, too.

Sizing: Small, 30 to 36 inches; medium, 34 to 40 inches; large, 38 to 44 inches; XL, 46 to 52 inches; 2X, 46 to 52 inches; 3X, 50 to 56 inches

I also have the GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Belt, Medium Strength Pregnancy Support band that I used with my son when I was farther along. In my opinion the Gabriella band is much more supportive but not really necessary until your bump is larger.

I second the Gabriella! It makes a huge difference! I ran up until around 32 weeks with my pregnancy.

Hot water bottles provide soothing heat with less risk of burns or overheating than a heating pad, as they naturally cool down over time. This cute rubber option comes with a fleece cover that protects your skin from direct contact with the bottle, making it a safe and cozy way to soothe round ligament pain. Simply fill the bottle with warm water, let it heat up and rest it on the area that needs soothing.

I’m using a warm water bottle to ease the ache which is good.

Round ligament pain can strike at random, and sometimes in places where you don’t have a hot water bottle handy. Enter: these portable instant heat packs, which provide heat for about 30 minutes once activated. Simply squeeze the pack and shake it to activate the chemicals inside, then wrap it in a cloth before applying to the area. It’s about the same size as a paperback book, so it’s easy to throw in your bag or store in your desk at work for emergencies.

Looking for the support of a band with a bit less bulk? You might like kinesiology tape, which can be placed underneath your bump, along the sides of your abdomen and on your lower back to ease strain. This product, which is available in four colors, also comes with step-by-step instructions to make taping easier and safer. That said, you should still talk with your OB-GYN or physical therapist before using it.

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