Masada Armour: Pioneering PE Technology in Ballistic Helmets

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Masada Armour is a prominent Israeli body armor manufacturer that was founded in 2017. Today, it stands as a globally recognized player in the ballistic protection industry. Mr. Oren Gruber, President of Masada Armour, discussed the company’s products, clientele, and practices in an exclusive interview with at Milipol Paris 2023. Pe Tactical Fast Bullet Proof Helmet

Masada Armour: Pioneering PE Technology in Ballistic Helmets

Masada Armour’s extensive product range includes helicopter armoring kits, ship armoring kits, and fast-deployment armored backpacks, notably popular in the U.S. The company has also pioneered high-performance polyethylene (PE) plates designed to be used in its plate carriers. Their most popular product, however, is their PE helmet, weighing approximately 1.3 kilograms, and offering NIJ level IIIA protection. Utilizing PE instead of Aramid in their helmet production, Masada Armour uses highly advanced techniques. According to Mr. Oren Gruber, choosing PE over Aramid for helmets brings several advantages, including improved protection capabilities. Mr. Oren Gruber says that PE helmets have a very similar weight to Aramid ones, but with their slight increase in weight comes a higher level of protection. PE helmets demonstrate the possibility of stopping even rifle ammunition, surpassing the limitations of Aramid helmets which are restricted to handgun ammunition. Still, Aramid has its strengths, as it is a very long-lasting material. Mr. Oren Gruber says they managed to get PE helmets to be almost as long-lasting as Aramid, while solving their rigidity problems.

Masada Armour caters to a diverse clientele, serving both public-sector Israeli clients and private security companies, while also selling a lot of their products to export. The company is a long-term provider of body armor for various security bodies in Israel. During the current security situation, Masada Armour has redirected its focus exclusively to supplying body armor to their public-sector Israeli clients. Therefore, the company has stopped accepting any new orders through their website due to their latest commitments.

While currently lacking a specific women’s body armor range, Masada Armour has recently embarked on a collaboration with a leading textile designer in Israel to address this gap. Due to curved surfaces and air gaps, Masada Armour has encountered challanges in creating body armor for women. Mr. Oren Gruber expresses optimism that their new designer will pioneer high-performance solutions to overcome these hurdles.

Mr. Oren Gruber shares his extensive journey in the body armor industry. He started as a chemical engineer with an MBA in systems engineering. He held pivotal roles at the Israeli Military Industries and FMS, ultimately becoming an independent entrepreneur in 2014. In 2017, he founded Masada Armour with his business partner culminating his career in the body armor industry.

Masada Armour: Pioneering PE Technology in Ballistic Helmets

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