BlackBird Surfboards' Tim Cozier Suffers Broken Femur Surfing Cardiff - Surfer USBRC

Shaper, surfer and all around amazing human Tim Crozier could use a little help from his friends right about now. While out surfing Cardiff, Tim just suffered a broken femur and dislocated his titanium hip replacement. Currently in the hospital facing mounting medical bills, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help him out.

“Local surfer and father to one of our beloved Encinitas Boardriders’ competitors desperately needs our help,” reports the Encinitas Board Riders Instagram. “He is in the fight of his life...the uphill battle is just beginning. The Crozier family is now faced with seemingly insurmountable bills from the ordeal and they need our help.” Lateral Distal Femur

BlackBird Surfboards

Crozier has been building surfboards since the mid 1990s and launched his own brand, BlackBird Surfboards, back in 2007. Growing up in San Diego, he’s spent his life riding waves from Sunset Cliffs to Swamis and beyond. He got his start in the shaping business fixing dings, and once he shaped his first board, he knew what he was going to do for the rest of his life. One thing led to another, and today he’s one of the most respected local shapers out there.

“My greatest joy in board building is building boards for my two sons, Micah and Caleb,” Crozier told “I love being in the shaping room with them as we work on their new boards. We discuss a lot together and try always progress their designs and ultimately their surfing.”

For the last few years, Crozier has been helping SURFER alumni Scott Bass with coordinating shapers for the annual Boardroom Surfboard Show. He’s had the good fortune to whittle blanks alongside some of the best to ever pick up a planer, includingDick Brewer, Simon Anderson, Renny Yater, Doug Haut, Carl Ekstrom, Mark Richardson, Gerry Lopez and Reno Abelliro, along with a lot more.

BlackBird Surfboards

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