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Emerson, Florham Park, NJ, has released its new Clean-in-Place Utilities and Automated Reporting Analytics package delivered via PACEdge™ and Movicon™ platforms on an industrial edge control device. The software aids in digitally transforming manual and semi-automated systems by optimizing utilities consumption, benchmarking against known cycles, and generating automated reports that can be used to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity in a single system or throughout a facility.

Endress+Hauser, Greenwood, IN, has announced the launch of its FMR63B, the new 80 GHz radar level sensor built for rigorous hygiene requirements, turbulent surfaces, and foam formation and buildup. It provides benefits for end users in the life sciences and food and beverage industries. Easy to use, it increases operational productivity, improves product safety, and leverages innovative Ethernet-APL communication technology, helping prepare process plants for digitalization. Cable Gland 1 2 Npt

New on the Market - Tech Briefs

Fairview Microwave, Irvine, CA, has announced the release of their VITA 67 multi-port connector blocks. They are designed to provide high-density RF connections in challenging environments while minimizing space requirements, weight, and expense. The multi-port connector blocks are engineered for side-by-side implementation with VITA 46 hardware and are compatible with 0.086" and smaller diameter coaxial cables, making them ideal for use in military, aerospace, and defense applications.

Acopian, Easton, PA, expanded their high-power linear rack and benchtop power supplies that are rated up to 1200W. Models now include dc wide-adjustment output voltages ranging from 0-5VDC to 0-150VDC and up to 1200 watts. All voltages are available in 2U, 3U, and 4U high configurations. All models are voltage and current programmable, constant current controllable, and can also be controlled from 0 volts and 0 amps to their rated outputs.

Solitron Devices, West Palm Beach, FL, is introducing the SD11911 and SD11912 1200V Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Modules. SIC provides excellent switching performance with minimal variation versus temperature. Higher efficiency levels than silicon, achieved due to significantly lower energy loss and reverse charge, result in more switching power and less energy required in the switch-on and switch-off phases. Combined with high switching frequencies this translates to smaller magnetics, significantly reducing system weight and size.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Vernon Hills, IL, announces its MELSOFT MaiLab software, which uses their Maisart intelligent technology to enable companies to easily analyze and diagnose factory data. Through analysis of past manufacturing data, the software makes sophisticated data decisions. Single-tool capability enables both offline analysis and real-time diagnostics, with direct feedback to the production site. It has an integrated open concept, such as the Python programming language or web-based environment.

Xact Metal™, State college, PA, has introduced a software solution, Smart Layer™, for automated visual monitoring and real-time analysis of their laser metal powder-bed printers. It conducts a layer-by-layer analysis using computer vision algorithms and convolutional neural networks, then provides anomaly detection in real time. It immediately notifies the operator upon issue detection in time to prevent print failures. This is critical, since part anomalies can occur during the printing process that are difficult for the operator to detect manually.

Physik Instrumente (PI), Auburn, MA, is offering new solutions for power ultrasonic transducers such as Langevin transducers, which are used in applications including microfluidics, scalers, wire bonding, ultrasound imaging, non-destructive testing, and acoustic sensing. They have high sensitivity, fast response time, and wide bandwidth. PI provides virtual prototypes as part of their development process for piezoelectric transducers and piezo motion systems, allowing for collaboration with customers.

Watlow®, St. Louis, MO, is introducing a new 1/8 DIN-size temperature controller, the latest offering from the PM PLUS® family. The PM PLUS controllers are an enhanced version of the popular EZ-ZONE® PM temperature controllers but are more intuitive and feature an improved user interface for easier set up, programming, and readability. It can also display a trend chart of the process values.

LUTZE, Charlotte, NC, is releasing a new North American catalog of cable solutions. Its flexible and continuous motion cables are designed for harsh industrial environments and carry multiple approvals for code compliance. An expanded number of cable series have now been evaluated by Ecolab for resistance to common cleaning agents and chemicals used in washdown procedures. The catalog includes cable gland and fittings selection charts.

The high-performance optoCONTROL CLS1000 fiber optic sensors from Micro-Epsilon, Ortenburg, Germany, precisely measure position, distance, and size in automated production processes. The measuring system is available in five different versions, enabling the fiber optic sensors to be adapted to different application requirements. Commissioning is easy via the control panel, OLED display, and numerous teach-in modes.

Nexperia, Nijmegen, Netherlands, has introduced a new portfolio of 16-channel I2C general-purpose input-output (GPIO) expanders designed to increase flexibility and reuse in electronic systems. The portfolio provides an elegant solution when additional I/Os are needed while keeping the interconnections to a minimum. This enables design engineers to add new features without increasing PCB design complexity and bills of material. It includes a register configurable internal pull-up resistor to enable customized power optimization.

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New on the Market - Tech Briefs

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